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The Episcopal of the Sudan

Diocese of Cueibet


Project Proposal

1-      Project Title      =       Transport for Bishop

2-      Project Location and Target Beneficiaries :-

Diocese of Cueibet

In Lakes state (Cueibet, Maper and Wulu towns)


3-      Targeted Number of Beneficiaries

-Diocesan Bishop

4-      Grants Budget Amount:-

   a) Types  of Vehicle and where to get them




1 Car





    B) Cost of one  Vehicle                




16,780 USD





5-      Background:-


a)      Analysis of overall Context:

 South Sudan is one of the poorest  Countries and under  develop  countries in Africa, and it has two races with two racing religions of Arab in the North  with Islam religion and   black African  in the Southern Sudan with Christian religion.

Since independent in 1956 Sudan had been in war  twice between Arabs in the  North and  black African in the South , fighting  back Arab culture, Arab religion and Arab laws known as sharia law  as a means of Arabization and Islamization system.

Southern Sudan had been under heavy oppression, politically, educationally religiously and economically and we had struggle for our freedom since 1955—1972  which was the first civil war led by Anyanya  one end in Addis-Abba agreement and again 1983—2005 with C.A.P led by Dr John Garang the SPLA  and  we are now heading to the  referendum election in January 9/2011 of which 80% from two sides  are expecting  a heavy war


b)      Outline specific problems to be Targeted by this proposal

Because Southern Sudan  is a  black African Christian  and Christianity had grown very rapidly during this civil war  of Anyanya one but during the SPLA war is had over-grown to 90% in the Dinka land than any where and that led to the creation of the Diocese by the Province responding to the request of each Congregation and  area people  as a solution as a blocking of the Islamic  popular forces and partmentalist  plan of Islamize the southern Sudan and Arabize them and because Southern Sudanese   Had been oppress economically and the level of poverty is high in the South and South is one of the number of MDG , Therefore , the percentage of the Sunday offering is very poor , no good teaching in tithe , then many services are  not there in the Church, no transport nobilities and there is a high need of movement to reach un-reach people by the Gospel of Jesus .

 And Arab in the north are supported by their races  the Arab world in middle East financially  so that they could spread slam in the South very quickly and over run Christianity  in South and this is one war factors between North and South for all these years   war and land of South had become the war zone area and racing who to wine the games of being Islamize or remain Christianize , so the Arab and Muslim are using all means of weapon


    5-Project Justification

This Diocese of Cueibet was created in 1995 out from Rumbek Diocese before the C.P.A. was sign in 2005 and this 2010 the first Bishop retired  Rt Rev. Ruben Maciir Makoi and I was elected as a 2nd Bishop in July 2010 and concreted on 18/7/2010 .

 And when I came to the office I found the following Challenges in the Diocese, The Diocese is very large and composes of three ethnic Sub-tribes of Dinka In Cueibet Town and  Pakam tribe in Maper  town Northern Diocese and Jur- belli tribe in Wulu town southern of the Diocese  and there is no any proper road to connected them , so the Diocesan meeting identifies the following problems and put them on priority  as it is :-

     1-  No Single mobility in the Diocese ( Bishop Car )

      2- No Building houses for housing

     3- Luck of a trained pastor and laities in the Diocese

     4- No any income generation for women activities

    5- No Development activities.

Therefore, there is a great need of transport this time because of the following reasons:-

1- Reach un-reach community very quickly and remote ,  community.

2-Transportation for developmental activities

To justified my project , Southern Sudan is coming out from the war going to Independent  and is in Post –independent  now and it a country with no any development , it is a non-industrialize  country even simple factory of Juice we don’t have  in the capital of Juba , so Rumbek and Cueibet are very very remote towns .

The war we had fought with Northerners, the Arabs  is a religious  and economic war then shape to be political war of sharing the power in Khartoum, and Arabs  and Muslims in the North are been backing up by their brother the Muslim  in the Arabs world  , and we are been watched by our brothers Christians  in the Christian world  and even our cry is not heard . because of no expertise in media

Even very few Southerners who had become Muslim  during the war  because of consequences are now being supported  and backing up  highly by  Muslim in the North and they are constructing the  Schools , health centres and start building the Mosques in each town in the South under Islamic organizations of ( Dawa El-islamiya and Child War )

2-  Physically I have a hip problem which led me to the replacement of the hip this , all these three years I had been Using Motor  Bike which had increase  my Suffering  physically and I will not go and Use Motor bike again  as your seeing me on the motor bike  , So there is a great need to support the work of God in this Diocese by putting hand of  Vehicle. 


   7- Project Impact

1-      Bishop’s transport will be easy during his spiritual touring  every month according to his plan. .

2-      Bishop health  ( HIP ) will  not eat but will long        



There are three areas in the Diocese  of Cueibet  that need the Bishop to cover them  , all nineteen archdeaconries are in need to be visit by the Diocesan Bishop once every year


2- To provide   transport  and  communication  to Diocesan Bishop of  Diocese of Cueibet by the year 2014

  This is my transport for three years since 2010 when become a Bishop in the Diocese